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Virgil s Aeneid And Homer s Odyssey - 1436 Words

In Virgil’s Aeneid and Homer’s Odyssey we observe two opposing views, the defeat of the Trojans and the victorious Greeks. Nevertheless, we get parallel plots in the form of the hero’s journey. Each hero faces many obstacles to reach their fate. With both heroes having the ultimate goal of reaching their homeland or in Aeneas’ case finding a new home. There are many similarities such as both Odysseus and Aeneas sailing the same sea, and visiting some of the same location such as; the underworld, and the Island of the Cyclopes. In both the epics, the gods play with the characters in some of the same ways. They often send the heroes to the brink of death or in other cases give them aid. Virgil’s depiction of Aeneas is meant to show the†¦show more content†¦The Romans put duty above all else. In that sense, with Virgil portrayal of the Romans, we get a feeling that he thinks the Romans are above the Greeks. This portrayal is shown in the ep ics through Aeneas’ sense of duty and Odysseus’ self-interest. In the Odyssey, Odysseus is only fighting to get home while Aeneas is fighting for the future and the continuation of the Trojan legacy. Aeneas purpose is reinforced when he visits his father in the underworld â€Å"What glories follow Dardan generations in after years, and from Italian blood what famous children in your line will come, souls of the future, living in our name† (The Aeneid). This gives Aeneas clarity and he continues the fight for the advancement of his people. Throughout his journey, Odysseus involves himself in many conflicts just to achieve glory. Although in hindsight most of his troubles could have been easily avoided. Odysseus could have avoided trouble if he had kept quiet after his ordeal with the cyclops. In allowing his pride to get the better of him Odysseus sealed his fate. If he had refrained from telling the cyclops who he was perhaps his story would have been less tragic. One of Odysseus’ major flaw is his pride. He just had to have the cyclops know. If he hadn’t given up the name to Polyphemus, in his vengeance would not have called out to Poseidon his father. Odysseus’ pride and need of glory show up many times in the epic. For instance, after heShow MoreRelatedHomer s The Odyssey And Virgil s ÂÅ ¹ The Aeneid1295 Words   |  6 PagesHomer’s The Odyssey and Virgil’s  ¬The Aeneid are both epic poems chronicling the travels and trials of their respective heroes. Though both stori es deal with the fates of their leading men, Homer employs the use of hubris with his protagonist, Odysseus, while Virgil utilizes the trait of pietas with his protagonist, Aeneas. A comparative analysis of the heroes in their reactions to the mythical creatures they encounter, their relationships with the women they love, and their ultimate purposes inRead MoreSimilarities Between The Underworld Of Homer s Odyssey And That Of Virgil s Aeneid1485 Words   |  6 PagesThe remarkable resemblance between the Underworld of Homer s Odyssey and that of Virgil s Aeneid reveals, upon closer examination, several important differences; these adaptations and corrections by Virgil of the Homeric vision lend credence to the Bloomian concept of influence, and show the many-faceted reactions of Virgil to the burden of his eminent precursor. In addition, they provide the reader of the poems with a fascinating basis for comparison, not only between the two poets, but betweenRead MoreComparing Virgi l s Aeneid And Homer s Odyssey2766 Words   |  12 PagesJourney, fate, conflict and divine intervention demonstrate the morals and ideas of the age and cultures in which both Virgil and Homer lived. The lives of the main characters, Odysseus and Aeneas must fulfill their destiny with direct interference from the Gods and Goddesses. With the gods and goddess not always sharing the same motives or best interest of the main character would make the journey to achieve their destiny extremely difficult. The gods and goddess can be vengeful just as much asRead MoreComparison Of Virgil s The Aeneid, The Iliad And Homer s `` The Odyssey `` Essay1155 Words   |  5 Pagespredestined and the outcome will remain the same. The idea of being able to control one’s own fate is laughed at. This idea of a definite destiny is found in both Virgil’s â€Å"The Aeneid† and Homer’s â€Å"The Odyssey.† Both hero’s lives are shaped by their destiny and it forces them to make difficult decisions. In â€Å"The Odyssey† Homer presents us with an epic hero, Odysseus. A man who fought in the Trojan War and won. All he wants is to return home and be with his family. He was given a prophecy by the seerRead MoreAeneid Analysis789 Words   |  4 PagesAeneid By Virgil Written 19 B.C.E Translated by John Dryden Analysis Jazymn Talley SNHU Analysis The intention of Virgil s poem, Aeneid, is to romanticize the origins of the Roman Empire. Aeneid shares many characteristic to Grecian writer Homer s Epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. Much of Roman culture is modeled after or inspired by the Greeks, especially the arts. Roman art, writings, religion, and celebrations were on the rise as they experienced a time of rest, enabling themRead MoreGreek Mythology1294 Words   |  6 Pages Required Texts: 1) Aeschylus, Oresteia, trans. C. Collard (Oxford World s Classics) 2) Euripides, Bacchae, trans. Paul Woodruff (Hackett) 3) Hesiod, Works and Days and Theogony, trans. Stanley Lombardo (Hackett) 4) Homer, The Iliad, trans. Robert Fitzgerald (New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux) 5) Homer, The Odyssey, trans. Robert Fitzgerald (New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux) 6) Virgil, The Aeneid, trans. R. Fitzgerald (Vintage, 1990) Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays CLH LRead MoreComparing The Underworld Of Homer And Virgil1744 Words   |  7 PagesThe Differing Views of the Underworld of Homer and Virgil In both Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid, the heroes make the dauntless adventure into the underworld. Both of theses visits occur around the middle of the stories, and they bring information about the lives of heroes loved ones. The heroes also get very important information from these loved ones; information that they require to continue on their journeys. However these are not the only things that are similar about the heroes visitsRead MoreGreek Epics873 Words   |  4 Pagessociety conditions and the civilization of that history period. Homer; the authors of The Iliad and The Odyssey; and Vergil; the authors of The Aeneid are two of the greatest writers in ancient western civilization. There are heroes in these three literatures to reflect the society and culture: Achilles, Odysseus and Aeneid. The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of the oldest ancient literatures by Homer in around 8th century B.C. (Homer, 2012). According to Redfield (1975), â€Å"the culture portrayedRead MoreVirgil vs. Homer in Underworld1569 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ How does Virgil deviate from Homer in the underworld, and why? When comparing â€Å"The Aeneid† to â€Å"The Odyssey†, it is impossible not to notice the similarity between Homer and Virgil s poems. Both heroes leave Troy, granted one barely escapes and the other leaves victoriously, and both in one sense or the other are trying to reach their home, whether it is the old or future home. The adventures of the two heroes are incredibly similar on a number of accounts with the trip to the underworld beingRead MoreOdyssey And Aeneid, Hermes And Mercury1761 Words   |  8 PagesIn Odyssey and Aeneid, Hermes and Mercury represent similar perceptions of love along with differing belief concerning obligation to the Voice of God. Homer and Virgil think compulsion and love do connect. Homer thinks that despite the fact the gods constantly get their way, human can resist. On the other hand, Virgil believes humans should always get orders from the immortals. One can compare Homer and Virgil s famous narrative of love. However, In today s culture still question the unquestionability

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Social Policy And Society Education Essay Free Essays

Whose Needs are being met by Scots schooling? Discuss the assorted stakeholders ( kids, parents, society, the province ) , there possible demands and measure how good they are met. The province recognises the demand for kids to be educated. It is recognised as a right, a duty and a necessity. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Policy And Society Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Society no longer relies as to a great extent on the male staff of life victor theoretical account and as a effect parents in the bulk of instances no longer have the option of supplying kid attention and instruction to their kids themselves. As we are come ining an age of hi tech fabrication and developing a high skilled economic system the authorities is besides looking for an educated population and can no longer work with a society of nonreader or ill educated citizens. An uneducated population would besides be less antiphonal to authorities runs and information or counsel and may be unable to carry through their function in society and the democratic procedure. Children themselves, it has been acknowledged, have a right to be educated ; â€Å" No individual shall be denied the right to instruction † ( European Convention on Human Rights ; agenda 1, article 2 ) .That does non nevertheless intend that the instruction provided is what kids want or what they need. Neither do es it intend that chief watercourse instruction in Scotland is provided with everyone ‘s best involvements in head. All of the parties mentioned supra will hold unfavorable judgments or be disappointed by what province instruction in Scotland provides to some extent ; nevertheless I wish to do it clear that for the bulk of stakeholders the Scots instruction system provides acceptable results. Besides, in recent old ages important stairss have been taken in Scotland to better the instruction system for those interest holders presently losing out, chiefly kids themselves, and I wish to analyze this in more item. In 2009 there were 676,740 students in publically funded schools in Scotland ( Scots authorities ; pupil Numberss ) and educational outgo was ?4.87 billion in 2007-08 ( Scots authorities ; Expenditure on school instruction in Scotland ) . This amounts to a important proportion of Scotland ‘s population presently in the Scots public instruction system and a important proportion of national disbursement. Spending on instruction sums to a big proportion of public disbursement and must hence be a high precedence for the authorities, denoting that it is a high precedence for society as a whole. Equally good as being a right under the ECHR ( European Convention on Human Rights ) instruction is besides a right under the Universal declaration of human rights enshrined in UK jurisprudence in the Human rights act 1998 ; â€Å" Everyone has the right to instruction. Education shall be free, at least in the simple and cardinal phases. Elementary instruction shall be compulsory†¦ .. † ( Universal declaration of human rights ; article 26 ( 1 ) ) and in the UNCRC ( United nations Convention on the right of the kid ) , â€Å" To guarantee that all sections of society, in peculiar parents and kids, are informed, have entree to instruction and are supported in the usage of basic cognition†¦ † ( UNCRC ; article 24, 2 ( vitamin E ) ) . Few public services are as strongly protected by rights and Acts of the Apostless as those sing entree to instruction. Yet to what extent instruction should be provided and who its chief focal point should be on remains ill-defined. For many old ages statements raged about Scots instruction merely being good to the ‘average ‘ kid and that those who needed extra support demands or who did non work good within formal educational scenes were being left behind or ignored for the greater good. The Scots authorities has hence gone a long manner in recent old ages to try to turn to this. The school course of study in Scotland is non statutory but alternatively the authorities sets out a model which it so expects instructors to work within. The newest model published is the ‘Curriculum for excellence ‘ . This model is built around four Nestor notabilis capacities that the Scots authorities want to instil in every Scots immature individual by the terminal of their clip in instruction. It is besides really to a great extent based on current research that suggests the best manner to prosecute all students in the schoolroom is by utilizing inter disciplinary accomplishments and different acquisition and learning methods such as undertakings, e-learning, talks and peer on equal rating. The Scots authorities claim ; â€Å" The course of study aims to guarantee that all kids and immature people in Scotland develop the properties, cognition and accomplishments they will necessitate to boom in life, larning and work. This is encapsulated in the four capacities – to enable each kid or immature individual to be a successful scholar, a confident person, a responsible citizen and an effectual subscriber † . ( Learning and Teaching Scotland ; Curriculum 3-18 ) However what good are these results if so many immature people find themselves go forthing instruction with no or really few significance makings and no utile trade or work related accomplishments? The benchmark for mensurating pupil attainment in Scotland is the SCQF ( Scots recognition and making model ) mark. At the age of 14 to 15 about every kid in Scotland will sit a set of standard class tests. 5 plus base on ballss at SCQF degree 4 ( standard class general ) is considered the minimal criterion of attainment that could be merited with success and which could take to patterned advance through those makings. School conference tabular arraies are drawn up based on how good pupils did in this quartile and yet 24.4 % of Scots pupils fail to accomplish this benchmark about a one-fourth of all Scots immature people ( Scots authorities ; SQA attainment and school departer makings in Scotland: 2008/09 ) . On top of this 14.53 % of immature people go forthing Scots schools in 2009 were non in instruction employment or preparation and therefore had no positive finish ( Scots authorities ; Destinations of Leavers from Scots Schools: 2008/09 ) . This barely seems like a system which empowers every immature individual to develop accomplishments that will do it possible for them to ever happen a positive finish in society. It may besides demonstrates that there attack has so far failed to convey about touchable consequences which will profit all the stakeholders in the Scots instruction system. The authorities nevertheless may good indicate out that a major component of their reforms of Scots instruction will come in the signifier of alterations to the makings system. These alterations will non be implemented nevertheless until 2016 when the SQA ( Scots Qualifications Authority has drafted, approved and tested the new scrutinies, designed to concentrate on Nestor notabilis accomplishments and development of literacy and numeracy throughout all school topics. There has besides been a important displacement in the attitudes held towards helping kids with acquisition and Behavioural issues or disablements in Scots instruction and in bridging the spread between young person work, schools and less formal educational attacks. The Education ( Additional Support for Learning ) ( Scotland ) Act 2004 was introduced to supply statutory protection to all immature people in Scots instruction who feel they may necessitate more support. Article 1 ( specifying extra support demands ) provinces ; â€Å" A kid or immature individual has extra support demands for the intents of this Act where, for whatever ground, the kid or immature individual is, or is likely to be, unable without the proviso of extra support to profit from school instruction provided or to be provided for the kid or immature individual † This means that any kid in Scotland for whatever ground who feels like they may necessitate extra support are lawfully entitled to it. This jurisprudence has been to a great extent advertised and publicised nevertheless the resources to endorse up this statute law and supply the support are frequently highly over stretched and exhausted. The Bridging the Gap study between young person work and schools was another advanced thought that the Scots authorities hoped would better the instruction system for all interest holders but peculiarly those for whom chief watercourse instruction was non appropriate the study aimed to ; â€Å" Put the policy context and offer illustrations of pattern to promote youth work and school partnerships across Scotland to present more chances to prosecute and animate immature people. â€Å" ( Learning learning Scotland ; bridging the spread study, page5 ) This attack to instruction and presenting young person work and community acquisition in to the school scene shows a willingness to do instruction more accessible and relevant to all pupils and to prosecute everyone in the acquisition procedure. Whether or non this plan will hold any success remains to be seen. Scots instruction hence does present for the bulk of stakeholders most of the clip. It provides a child care option for parents between the kid ‘s age of 5 and 16. It keeps the bulk of the population literate and able to hold on basic numeracy and it gives a high figure of school kids a opportunity to derive accomplishments and addition cognition which will assist them travel in to farther instruction, employment or preparation. It is clear that there is still a proportion of society which the current Scots instruction system is non supplying for nevertheless the Scots authorities has gone a long manner in its efforts to undertake issues with the system and has succeeded in supplying a system which meets most of the demands of most of its stakeholders. How to cite Social Policy And Society Education Essay, Essay examples

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Digital Innovation Retail Industry

Question: Discuss about the Digital Innovationfor Retail Industry. Answer: Introduction This essay is encompassing the implementation process of Mobile Application within retail organization in order to analyze the need of digital innovation within retail industry. Discussion The retail organization wants to implement mobile application to attract their customers with respect to competitive trends within the target market. The concerned customers can order their desired products and services with the help of mobile application that the retail organization want to implement (Pantano 2014). The retail organization has to invest around $60, 000, 00. This estimated budget is for developing the system architecture, network design and other important costs involved within the implementation process. In consideration with the value proposition involved in this implementation process of mobile application, customers of the retail organization find this application beneficial with respect to their variable demands and needs with technological trends. The important revenue resources are increasing in relation with the demands of customers, demand for advanced technological support to the retail industry (Fichman et al. 2014). In contrast with this fact, relevant customers in for this concerned retail organization are the adults and children those are mainly fond of shopping activities. With respect to the key activities involved within this implementation of mobile application, there are various important measures that needs be managed, such as monitoring of system architecture development, project scope identification and project management. Important resources for this implementation process are system configuration heads, network implementation head, mobile application developer etc. Conclusion This can be concluded that the digital innovation is very important to be included within the retail industry in order to improvise the effectiveness of the organization with respect to new evolving trends in the market. References Fichman, R.G., Dos Santos, B.L. Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, 2014, Digital innovation as a fundamental and powerful concept in the information Systems curriculum.Mis Quarterly,38(2), pp.329-343. Pantano, E., 2014, Innovation drivers in retail industry, International Journal of Information Management,34(3), pp.344-350.

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The Role of Government Regulations in Human Economic Activities

Thesis section Since governments emerged in the evolutionary history of humans, they have been involved in the regulation of social, political, and economic activities of people (Ashcroft and Ashcroft 39). Governments are initiated with the aim of averting social anarchy and stagnation of development in society. Therefore, regulation is a process through which rules are made, applied, and adjusted according to the needs of the targeted society (Jennings 231). During the past 20 years, economic regulations by most governments have been enhanced.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of Government Regulations in Human Economic Activities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nonetheless, the decline in economic activities witnessed in the industrialized nations has been associated with strict government regulations of economic activities (Jennings 120). Most government regulations are aimed at protecting the well bei ng of citizens especially when conducting economic activities. However, the current regulations have made it almost impossible for most economic processes to proceed. The situation has been made worse due to incessant government demands and regulations for small and well established businesses. In comparison to the early 20th century, the current regulations are failing the economic system. It is evident that the disadvantages that emanate from government regulations tend to outweigh the perceived merits (Carroll and Buchholtz 390). Therefore, regulation of businesses by governments is unnecessary because the market forces such as demand and supply can effectively control the much needed dynamics of propelling business growth. Body of the argument Government regulation has been perceived by several people as the best way of ensuring accountability in the distribution of resources (Carroll and Buchholtz 684). Most stable governments have put in place measures to ensure that the rich donate more to the government that the poor. Measures have been instituted in certain businesses in order to spur the growth of large companies that have helped most developed nations to realize the current economic status. These regulations often aim at redistributing and balancing resources in an economy. As much as the latter is usually the intention of governments, the practice has resulted into economic decline since the large companies are cutting down their expenses so that they can be able to meet the current regulations and expenses needed in running businesses. In addition, unemployment rates have continued to rise as a result of the regulations on economic activities (Ashcroft and Ashcroft 365). Furthermore, governments have been using regulations with the aim of enhancing high quality services. These regulations have greatly reduced competition. The decline in competition has also resulted into reduced efficiency and quality of economic products.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The current trends that are also being witnessed globally are quite alarming. There is a global economic decline. The government is supposed to instigate measures that will stimulate economic development. If the current regulates are effective, then the prevailing economic hurdles could not be experienced. The issue of over taxation of individuals with a huge financial base is a total failure (Ashcroft and Ashcroft 439). Increasing levels of unemployment attributed to retrenchment of workers by large companies is directly influenced by government regulations. Moreover, most people who are losing their jobs are the ones that governments want to uplift. The dilemma seen in these scenarios is a major setback in the effectiveness of government regulations. In addition, the strict government regulation of businesses negatively affects people with limited capital. Such peo ple cannot afford to meet all the requirements needed to obtain licensing form their respective governments. Such regulations have also affected economic growth of several poor communities. As much as regulations were initially put in place with the aim of ensuring that economic development could be achieved substantially, there are myriads of limitations of these regulations. Most of the limitations are associated with the inability of the government to fully implement the actual regulative measures. This leaves loopholes that allow several other people to acquire wealth inappropriately at the expense of others (Ashcroft and Ashcroft 555). Most of the measures instigated by the government in order to boost economic recovery or stimulation have been a failure due to lack of effective implementation mechanisms. In some cases, the failures are attributed to lack of political will. The latter limits government policies on economic development (Carroll and Buchholtz 447). The laws gover ning economic processes have also resulted into massive failure of the economic regulatory processes. Some individuals take advantage due to the ambiguity of the laws in order to sabotage government regulations. A free market that has no government regulations offers opportunities for participants in economic activities to offer the best in what they can do (Jennings 76). Unregulated market allows increased efficiency due to the availability of market forces such as competition.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of Government Regulations in Human Economic Activities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Moreover, such a market ensures that the participants in the economic activities are responsible. If an individual participates in a business that is producing poor quality products and services, the market forces will work against that business entity. Such a business cannot survive in a competitive market. Co nclusion Government regulations have proven to be effective in managing human economic activities and peaceful coexistence. Nevertheless, the current economic regulations are negatively affecting development and hence slowing down economic process in some economies. The weaknesses of government regulations have been clearly illustrated. It has been observed that a free market will allow economies to advance faster than in regulated economy. Works Cited Ashcroft, John and Janet, Ashcroft. Law for Business. New York, NY: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print. Carroll, Archie and Ann, Buchholtz. Business Society: Ethics Stakeholder Management. New York, NY: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Jennings, Marianne. Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment. New York, NY: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print. This essay on The Role of Government Regulations in Human Economic Activities was written and submitted by user Linda Collier to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Research Paper on Anne Frank

Research Paper on Anne Frank The struggles that a person pursues makes for a strong character. A unique perspective of a young girls struggles is chronicled in Anne Franks: The Diary of a Young Girl. It is a compelling example of a young Jewish girl maturing rapidly in the two years between the ages of 13 and 15 while hiding from the Nazis during World War II. These are the two years in which change is so swift and difficult for every young girl. Her numbness to the atrocities of war, her despair at her own situation and her hope and belief in the human spirit in the face of the horrors of war and Nazi persecution make Anne Franks character stronger. Anne develops and shows an apparent numbness to the accounts of atrocities committed by the Nazis. She relates a news account of what happens to Nazi resistors in a matter-of-fact manner. Anne writes, Have you ever heard the term Ð ¡hostages? Leading citizens innocent people are taken prisoner to await their execution. If the Gestapo cant find the saboteur, they simply grab five hostages and line them up against the wall. You read the announcements in the paper of their deaths being Fatal accidents. (October 9, 1942). The manner in which Anne relates this account shows a kind of acceptance of what is happening. It does not seem to horrify her or outrage her. Living in the Annexe has had a soothing effect on Anne. She retreats to her world and sees the war outside the Annexe as distant. In her diary Anne writes, And every night hundreds of planes fly over Holland and go to German towns, where the earth is ploughed up by their bombs. It is quiet and safe here wait as calmly as we can till the misery comes to an end. (June 13, 1943). This entry shows Annes acceptance of the situation she is in. She sees and hears about what is happening to the Jews but feels separated, unaffected by it. She has become insulated in the Annexe, separated from the war. As time passes, Anne becomes used to the sights and sounds of war. Anne writes, Before a quarter of an hour had passed the shooting started up again. Mrs. Van Daan sat bolt upright at once and then went downstairs to Mr. Dussels room, seeking there the rest which she could not find with her spouse. Dussel received her with the words come into my bed, my child! which sent us off into uncontrollable laughter. The gunfire bothered us no longer, our fear was banished. (May 18, 1943). This shows Annes acceptance of the sounds of war. Unable to do anything about it, unable to escape it, it becomes a part of daily life. Although Anne tries to see something positive in most situations and remain optimistic, she at times falls into great depths of despair and she becomes angry or deeply saddened. On the subject of her heritage, after hearing how the Germans are treating the Jewish population of Germany through BBC broadcasts, Anne becomes very angry and hurt because she too is German. She writes, Fine specimens of humanity, those Germans, and to think that Im actually one of them! (October 9, 1942). The indignation in Annes writing is evident. She is angry with those Germans who started and supported this war. Her despair is brought on by the betrayal she feels at the hands of her own countrymen. Anne is frustrated at not being in control of the situation she finds herself in. Her despair is heightened by the fact she feels helpless to do anything. Anne writes, Ive reached the point where I hardly care whether I live or die. The world will keep on turning without me, and I cant do anything to change events anyway. Ill just let matters take their course (February 3, 1944). This shows that Anne feels that she cannot affect any change to what is going on around her. Her feelings of helplessness and resolve to accept whatever will happen show her despair. When news that there does not seem to be a quick end to the war, Annes despair over her life and her situation come to the forefront, even though she tries to be courageous and not show it in front of the others. In her diary Anne writes, but the minute I was alone I knew I was going to cry my eyes out. I slid to the floor in my nightgown and began by saying my prayers, very fervently. Then I drew my knees to my chest, lay my head on my arms and cried, huddles up on the bare floor. A loud sob brought me back down to earth (April 5, 1944). This shows Annes struggles with her emotions. She feels frustrated and angry and helpless, yet she puts on a brave face in front of the others and lets her feelings come out only when she is alone. Throughout her time hiding in the Annexe, Anne never lets go of her belief in the strength of the human spirit. Anne believes that there is good in everyone. She writes Its really a wonder that I havent dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. (July 15, 1944). Faith in the goodness of the person and the spirit has not been lost. Anne still believes that people are good at the core even though sometimes they act oppositely. Anne holds out hope that people will do the right thing when she hears news of an attempt on Hitlers life. She writes, Now I am getting really hopeful, now things are going well at last. Yes, really, theyre going well! Super news! An attempt has been made on Hitlers life and not even by Jewish communists or English capitalists this time, but by a proud German general and it certainly shows that there are lots of officers and generals who are sick of the war and would like to see Hitler descend into a bottomless pit. ( July 21, 1944). This reinforces Annes belief that people are good deep down, and want to do what is right. Anne has hope for the future. She writes, It is utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more. (July 15, 1944). Despite all, Anne sees and feels that things will change. She truly believes that there is hope for a better future.

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Module 8 DQ 1 and 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Module 8 DQ 1 and 2 - Assignment Example Particularly, when one knows how to carry out critical appraisal on interval variables, translating the research results and findings into practice becomes possible. For instance, when determining the relationship between temperature and effective treatment, the use of internal variables may come in handy. A physician who is thorough in research studies will for instance know that a temperature of 0.0 on the two sides of the scales must not be misconstrued to mean the absence of temperature, just as a PH of 0.0 will not mean the absence of acidity. The determination of the PH and temperature is very sacrosanct to the provision of healthcare services. The same use of statistical provisions as part of the EBR in medical services provision heavily relies on the concept of statistical significance. By being able to appreciate the importance of significance level, the director of the nursing department will be able to correctly decide whether to discard research findings as false, or to implement them as true. For instance, a statistical significance of .95 will compel the director of the Federal Qualified Healthcare Center, nursing department, to adopt research findings of an inquiry on the relationship between inpatient admission and patient satisfaction. Throughout the course, the connection between the use of research and efficiency in the administration of healthcare services is maintained, and thereby helping the learner appreciate the nexus between EBR and patient-centered medical programs. The term informed consent is a legal jargon applicable in many fields including healthcare. The fundamentals that must be thought out when invoking informed consent from the patient are competency, benefits, risks and details. According to Hahn and Collier (2010), competency demands that the patient should have a mind that is at least able to comprehend the details, benefits and the risks that will accompany a specific form of medical intervention. Likewise,